Monday, May 9


semester 7 is over
lots of blood sweat and tears
many things happen
come n go
up n down
get and lose
love n hate
couple n break

bout my degree
a very2 tough semester i ever had
4 straight paper in da role
but alhamdulillah it is end in a good ways
just leave n hope for da best

bout my life
very2 tough in relationship
try to maintain but everything seems goes wrong
nothing can be done anymore
so here, i wanna thanks all da BULLSHITS yang buat cerita n mengata bout us
hepi la ko kn skang?
tahniah aku ucapkan!
rase2 nye mMg hobi ko kn buat keje2 berfaedah ni
kalo bukak kelab konfirm ko akan jadi presiden smpai mati
kau mMg hebat bab2 SHITS ni
aku respect!
***k you!

bout my semester break
have to take intersesi class for about one and a half month
end of june is my real break
nex sem will start at september
so, kene kerja lah
untuk mencari wang lebihan
ini pertama kali dapat peluang untuk kerja
moga dapat lah ya.

hope this break will bring a new hope for me
the past is too hard for me
forget and dont think about it
hope i still got HIS attention
oh Allah
please help hambaMU ini

gonna be gone.